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The CARBOMAX II has a micro-controlled circuit providing even more reliability of results and features; such as digital outputs for communication with other peripherals (printer and/or computer). The operating principle follows the analysis of the cooling curve of a sample of molten metal poured into a MTX-3602 cup. Threw heights of Liquidus temperature and Solidus (eutectic meta-stable), indicate the precision with excellent carbon equivalent, the total carbon and silicon present in molten bath in less than 3 minutes.

► Operation is greatly simplified and the parameters for the detection of terraces are factory preset and protected by a non-volatile memory, allowing the equipment to be plug and play.

►  Easy menu to change parameters and chemistry offsets.

►  Work with our MTX-3602 and other manufacturer's thermal analysis cups.

► Output communication is RS485, can request 4-20 or Ethernet.

►Free software to monitor and record tests.

► History of last 100 readings are recorded and kept in the instrumentations memory.

► 1 year parts and labor warranty.

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