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Matrix Sensors, LLC is leading the industry with the first and only wireless wall mount display that can read more than one lance. With it's large, easy readable numbers and the option to run up to 16 lances on one display, the INDICMAX RF is the top of the line temperature display for any foundry. It comes with free software to record the temperature, time, date and place of reading, and these units will also work with third party software. Usable from up to 300 feet away, with absolutely no wires from lance to display, the INDICMAX RF is the ultimate temperature reader.

The INDICMAX 2000 II has a clear, large alphanumeric panel that is 5 to 10 times the size of other display panels, and the mounted stack lightening indicates what stage of the measurement the user is in. The temperature, time, date and place of reading are optional information that can be tracked every reading for increased traceability, with our free software or third party software.


In addition, we offer the optional Remote Display, which is a single repeater of the INDICMAX 2000 II. The remote requires an independent power supply and can be installed up to 3,000 feet away by  common pair of wire connections. It is now simple to have a display at the place of reading with an additional display in the control room or foundry floor, without cabling littering the shop.

When a stationary pyrometer is not practical, use the MATRIX PPF3. The PPF3 immersion pyrometer is an extremely practical and useful piece of equipment due to its simplicity and portability, which allows you to measure temperature in any part of the process, anywhere in the foundry. The aluminum housing and the steel lance protect the electronic parts against the foundry environment and aggressive work conditions. It functions in the same manner as the INDICMAX 2000 II with the following features:

►Rechargeable NiMH batteries

►Visual and sonorous alarm for the end of measurement, open thermocouple and error.

►Green, yellow and red LED's to indicate the status of measurement

►Retention of last reading

►Auto power down

►Recall last reading


The reading is nearly instantaneous, and the fast response will aid in service life of the thermocouples. The PPF3 can use any brand of Type 'S' thermocouple, and Type 'K' is available upon request.

The CARBOMAX II has a micro-controlled circuit which provides confident and reproducible results with the ability to connect to a printer and/or computer to register the data.


The working principle comes from the molten iron thermal analysis cooling curve of a sample collected from the furnace/ladle and poured into a tellurium cup. Through the analysis of the "Liquidus" and "Solidus" temperature arrests, the instrument presents in less than 3 minutes the carbon Equivalent, Carbon and Silicon percentages on the melting floor. The CARBOMAX II operation is very simple and the preset parameters allows a "plug and Go" without any prior adjustment.

First look at the CARBOMAX DELTA system. A versatile, plug and play and the fastest analysis system, makes this the system that will make any foundry produce more efficiently. Unit can be bought with 1 to 4 channels, comes in it's own housing, no additional computers to buy to run this system.

► Up to four channels in any configuration (temperature or analysis)

► Contained in it's own housing, no additional items to purchase.

► One price for your configuration.

► standard with RS485 output for printer or computer communication.

► Get readings within 1 minute with the MTX-3602M cups. Fastest results.

► Free demo and trial, call your distributor or Matrix direct, to schedule your trial.
► Available coming in September 2015.


The CHECKTHERM was specifically developed to work in conjunction to the PPF3, INDICMAX and CARBOMAX. It makes a fast verification of type 'S' and "K' thermocouples.


The CHECKTHERM can provide the solution of usual problems that often happen on the pyrometer or thermal analysis systems in a foundry shop. When you have a problem or suspect of bad reading, it is possible to simulate a temperature or cooling curve into the lance, cup stand or instrument. This allows you to correct a problem without removing it or sending in for repair or verification. It will save time and reduce costs.



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