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Matrix Sensors provides a wide range of products for the industrial industry. Matrix was founded on providing products for the foundry industry, we still specialize in providing the best most reliable products and instruments to this industry. We have expanded our expertise into temperature controllers, recorder and data acquisition systems, along with temperature sensors to support these instruments. We have expanded into the mechanical field for repair and calibration of Detroit Testing machines and King Tester. Review our products line and take a look at our calibration services. Thermocouples and instruments are all built under our ISO 9001:2008 certificate giving the end user confidence in using quality items. All calibration services are accredited under ISO 17025:2005.

See our full line of Multi-use and Single-use thermocouples. Products are assembled right here at our New Berlin facility. Our products look the same as they did when we first came into the market 12 years ago. The look is the same but the quality improves with time. With our quality manufacturing we are improving the reliability and performance of our product. We strive to be the most readings per thermocouple, year in and year out we have achieved this.

Sampling material is an important process in providing quality castings. Matrix Sensors believes this is true and provides a couple items to help the foundry get their samples. The chill blocks are machined and assembled in our facility, giving us the ability to control the process and make customizations per customer requests. We also supply a pneumatic operated stand to make this process easier and less strain on the operators.

We also provide samplers that insert directly into the liquid bath for making spectrographic samples. Versions for Iron and Steel.

Matrix Sensors offers handheld pyrometers, wall mount units, wireless temperature units, carbon analysis unit and calibration instruments. With our selection of instruments we cover your melting and pouring needs. virtual no maintenance and plug and play design, makes using our equipment for veteran or new operators. Customer service that is there to support the product before and after sale. Manufactured under ISO 9000 standards your guaranteed the reliability and performance to exceed your needs in the foundry environment. Every instrument comes with ISO 17025:2005 accreditation, meeting or exceeding your quality program needs. All items in stock and ready to ship.

Matrix Sensors offers a broad range of standard & OEM custom temperature and process controls, recording and operator interface products for industrial, medical and scientific machinery and equipment. Both our standard products and custom OEM solutions offer the most recent microprocessor technology, high reliability and features to help our customers grow their business.

Solutions range from simple single board controls, single loop PID DIN controls, recorders (circular, strip & paperless) to sophisticated multi-loop  PID with color touch screen interface; data acquisition and operator interface solutions are available in both windows 7 and CE operating systems.

 Our product line includes RTD sensor, thermocouple, thermowell, connection head, transmitter and accessories that are used in a variety of industries.


We are equipped to efficiently offer large or small orders, including customized product design orders. Many of our products meet industry standards, like our 3-A approved sanitary-connected RTD sensor or our Haz Loc compliant temperature sensor assemblies. We produce a variety of RTD sensor, thermocouple and thermowell for industries from power generation to pharmaceutical processing - so you know we’re capable of designing and producing a temperature sensor for your application. Our extensive line of high quality temperature sensing devices and our commitment to personalized service provide you with the best temperature sensing solutions available in the market today.


Hardware supplies include, cable assemblies, lances,  lance connector, cup connector, thermocouple wire and connector along with our Brinell hardware. We use top quality materials from the USA to make the best products.

Thermal analysis Cups are used for cooling temperature of metals in its molten state, enabling the analysis of the temperature phase changes. The temperature reading is done by deploying a type ‘K’ thermocouple behind a high purity quartz tube, in the center of the Cup. The signal read by the thermocouple is then sent to an instrument of analysis through extension cables. The Cups are manufactured with thermocouple wire with special calibration and production in large scale, using large batches of raw material, thus avoiding changing batch to batch. This gives the MTX-3602 its high accuracy and reliability. Available in plain, Tellurium and Sulfur cups.


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