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MTX-3602 Q-CUP

Thermal analysis cups are used for cooling temperature of metals in its molten state. This enables the analysis of the temperature phase changes. The temperature reading is done by deploying a type 'K' thermocouple behind a high purity quartz tube, in the center of the cup. The signal is read by the thermocouple then sent to an instrument of analysis through extension cables. The cups are manufactured with thermocouple wire with special calibration and production in large scale, using large batches of raw material, thus avoiding changing batch to batch. This gives the MTX-3602 its high accuracy and reliability. We cover your full chemistry analysis from Cup connectors, Cups, instruments and extension wire. Ready to ship

  The MTX-3602M is the latest cup created by Matrix Sensors. Same high quality and strict manufacturing practices are put into these cups. Great benefits for the customer.


► Fastest reading available. Have complete analysis within 1 minute.

► 1/5 the size of standard cups. Volume of 0.55, height of 1.5".

► Less Iron needed for sample.

►1/5 the size allow for lighter shipping weight, less storage space needed.

► Tested on all systems, readings are so fast that our system reads every cup perfectly, check out the CarboMax Delta. Request your demo today.


  Cup with tellurium: To thermal analysis of both hypo and hyper-eutectic iron, providing very accurate CE, C and Si.

  Cup with added sulfur: To measure the liquids and white eutectic temperatures of final ductile iron of the calculations of CE, C and Si

   Cup without tellurium: for cooling curve of various metals, such as aluminum-silicon alloys (refining and modification): cast iron's super eutectic cooling and stable temperature.





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