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  MATRIX SENSORS, LLC, offers a broad range of standard & OEM custom temperature, process control, recording and operator interface products for industrial, medical, scientific machinery and equipment. Both our standard products and custom OEM solutions offer the most recent microprocessor technology, high reliability and features to help our customers grow their business.

  Solutions range from simple single board controls, single loop PID DIN controls, Recorders (Circular, strip & paperless) to sophisticated multi-loop PID with color touch screen interface; data acquisition and operator interface solutions are available in both Windows 7 and CE operating systems.


► Single-loop controls: Board level and 1/32 through 1/4 DIN panel mount.

► Profile loop controls: up to 9 profiles with up to 64 segments per profile, up to 4 control outputs, 1/16 & 1/4 DIN panel mount.

► FM approved high limit controls: DIN rail mount, surface mount and 1/16 & 1/4 DIN panel mount.

► Custom Multi-loop control solutions.

► Orion-M Color touch screen operator interface and SCADA control system.

► Data acquisitions in Windows 7 and CE operating systems.

► Temperature & Process Recorders

              ► Circular chart recorders - Traditional ink or thermal print your own chart

              ► Strip chart

              ► Paperless Recorders



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